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Lesson 4: Overview

Learning Ser & Estar (To Be) in Spanish

In this lesson you will be learning how to say these types of Spanish phrases:

New Lesson Overview

Remember Verbs From the Last Lesson?

In the previous lesson, you have learned how verbs are used in Spanish. Now you know that there are only three types of verbs in Spanish: "-ar," "-er," & "-ir."

Learning the Verb "To Be"

It is now time to study one of the most important verbs of all - "to be." The verb "to be" is much more useful than you can imagine. Every time you say something like "I am," "she is," or "we are," you are using this verb.

Lesson Summary:

In this lesson, we are going to learn the Spanish verbs "ser" & "estar".

Study "to be" in Spanish

Last updated: 2017

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