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"All Free Spanish" - What is this site!?

All Free Spanish is an online Spanish tutorial website that can teach users how to speak, write, and understand Spanish at their own convenience. Interactive lessons reinforce a method of teaching unlike any other! Lessons start at the most basic level and progress to uses of conversational Spanish in just 10 lessons! This course is based in the idea of learning the most commonly used words in the language first. By approaching the language in this way, users are able to form an understanding of how these common words are used in Spanish. It is guaranteed that users will comprehend at least 50% of the Spanish language in a variety of contexts. A great concern is expressed to reach this goal by the end of lesson 10.

Not only is this site extremely useful, it is also simple and straight-forward! The central focus of this site was to create a user interface it is simple and clutter-free! There is no wasted effort in performing tasks that are not important. You simply learn what you need to know so you can have fun speaking the language!

Spanish is officially spoken in 21 countries!

Why should I learn Spanish?


The secret to learning Spanish

This website was created for users to learn Spanish at their own pace. The process of learning Spanish doesn't sound fun, but there is a trick to learning it. The process can be fun! To get the most of the software, follow this advice:

I took Spanish classes in High School and it was an unpleasant experience. I felt like I wasn’t learning the important parts of the language. I was not the only one who felt this way. I would always hear my classmates talk about how they hated Spanish and how it was so difficult. So I began to study Spanish independently. Though my methodology, I learned twice as much Spanish alone in one summer than I have throughout two years of Spanish class. How was this possible? Was it because I could study at my own pace? According to psychologists, the only way to learn is to have a desire to learn. If you want it, you will get it essentially. It is really that simple. Apply the same idea to learning Spanish and you will be close to mastery in the language in no time!

Let determination lead you.

How can I get the most out of this site?

When you use this site, do not feel the need to rush through lessons. They are self-paced. Re-read things you might have missed to make sure you truly understand each lesson. In fact it's necessary to read over these lessons and apply each lesson to your daily life. The things you will be learning should become part of your daily thoughts!

Remember that no matter how many grammar rules you may know, you can never speak Spanish unless you know vocabulary. It's vital that you remember the words given in each lesson. But also, try to learn the words of all the things that surround you. This website is built to teach you Spanish quickly. In order to do this, I didn't add too many nouns in the vocabulary lists. It will be your job to remember nouns while you progress though the lessons.

Repeat new words to yourself frequently. This will hard-wire these new terms in your mind. Stay active in your study all throughout the day by keeping vocabulary lists in your pocket and making goals to reach for each day. Never give up and always remember how much you want to learn this language! This site makes learning Spanish fun, but that doesn't mean it isn't a challenge! Just remember that it is well worth the struggle.

Why was All Free Spanish created?

For as long as I can remember, I have had a desire to learn new languages. Learning new languages has peaked my fascination and curiosity. My interest began when I was in grade school. A foreign exchange student attended my school for a couple months. He came into the country knowing very little English! I felt bad for him, but at the same time, it interested me. It made me realize how important knowing a new language is. This skill offers everyone the ability to communicate! One language from another perspective is a new side of life!

With the desire to learn this magnificent new skill, I wanted quick results from a simple self-practice course. To my astonishment, there was not a free, practical course online that I could find. Most of the sites that I encountered were either charging unreasonable amounts of money to sign up for lessons, or offered horrible services. Many websites offered vocabulary games or a scrambled up mixture of grammar rules. These sites also claim to be capable of teaching you Spanish!

I finally found a few credible sources. Yes, I acquired most of my Spanish comprehension skills from books. I dedicated countless committed hours to absorbing as much information as I could from these sources. But there is only so much you can learn from books. My greatest difficulty became the ability to speak and interpret Spanish. I obtained that ability from listening to Spanish pod casts (from Radio Lingua Network) and practising conversational skills in that way. After 5 years of dedication, I decided to create this website as a favor to everyone else in the world who wished to learn Spanish as a new skill! This website was put together as a tool that I wish I would have had when I began my studies.

Last updated: 2017

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