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THANK YOU for being a user of this website! "All Free Spanish" was created in the hope that it could remain free and be continually upgraded, while providing a valuable tool to those who want to advance their Spanish speaking and comprehension skills. I have spent countless hours and many years preparing this website to be the most helpful and approachable Spanish learning software on the web. I hope this site can be useful to expand your Spanish speaking skills as a new secondary language! Your support is always appreciated.

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Elliot Skydel $20.00 November 2016
Janette Catchpole $5.00 (United Kingdom) November 2016
Anne Palk-Smith $5.00 (United Kingdom) August 2016
Bruce Lindloff $10.00 (Arizona) August 2016
Sm Kelly $10.00 (United Kingdom) June 2016
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Rod Plant $5.00 (United Kingdom) April 2016
Susan Mills $10.00 (United Kingdom) March 2016
Ronald P Van Dell $10.00 (Texas) February 2016
Gail Nelson $5.00 (United Kingdom) January 2016
Steven Kelly $5.00 (United Kingdom) December 2015
Crystal Lane $2.00 (Hawaii) October 2015
Victoria Green $5.00 (Florida) September 2015
Donald Bissette $100.00 (Georgia) September 2015
Greg Prieto $50.00 (Florida) August 2015
Timothy Bradford $10.00 (California) July 2015
Arwood Garrett $10.00 (Missouri) March 2015
Ryan Vickery $10.00 (United Kingdom) January 2015
Kathy Lewan $50.00 (Wisconsin) December 2014
Donald Haynes $10.00 (California) December 2014
Vivienne Impey $10.00 (United Kingdom) October 2014
Heidi Friend $5.00 (Arizona) September 2014
Lisa McConnell $10.00 (Illinois) September 2014
James Monahan $10.00 (Illinois) August 2014
Heidi Feltham $2.00 (United Kingdom) August 2014
Aldis Grinbergs $10.00 (Australia) June 2014
Avril Thomas $5.00 (United Kingdom) June 2014
Benjamin Dunn $5.00 (Texas) May 2014
Henry Mortimore $10.00 (Florida) September 2013
Lhawang Lama $10.00 (Brunei) July 2013
Efe Abboh $10.00 (London) March 2013

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